About this project

Reclining on a rolling carpet of green hills is The Valley House. High above Launceston in beautiful Tasmania, it is a perfect balance of charcoal-grey steel, finely grained timber, and large expanses of glass. Set against a backdrop of vast blue sky, this home manages to walk the line between striking landmark and seamless complement to its rural setting.

Architect, Philip Dingemanse, came to the project with a great love of functional and beautiful design, and a pragmatic approach to budget and utility. His wealth of hands-on building experience also closely informs his design method.

The brief was to create a family home that connected with the environment and the community in which it was situated. Energy efficiency, sustainability, and awareness of the twin threats of bushfire and storm were also considerations.

The design is open plan, with a stunning kitchen at the epicentre of the home creating a wonderful sense of connection between the home’s occupants.

The property’s location is known for its extremes of climate. Double glazed Viridian glass, and generous window and door expanses have been used to allow the sun’s warmth to be captured during the depths of winter. And in summer, the occupants take advantage of the cooling effects of clever ventilation.

AWS sliding doors were chosen for their design, performance and local availability. These also allow breezes to circulate through the house during the summer months. The result is increased energy efficiency, and less need for heating and air-conditioning. Combined with the use of AWS windows, the design perfectly frames the picturesque views from almost every room and angle of the property.

The Valley House reflects the expansiveness of its surrounds, the horizon and the pristine bushland in which it resides. It is proof that a modest budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beauty. In fact, with the right vision and products to match, anything is possible.


Philip M Dingemanse


Peter Hyatt